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Dishcloths and Tribbles

October 14, 2008

After I started going crazy with my homemade cleaning products I decided to get rid of my sponges that I use for dishwashing and use only dishcloths. So that meant that I need more dishcloths! We received 3 handknit cloths from a family friend as a gift before the wedding, so far they’ve been my favorite dishcloth to use. So I decided to make some more! I went to my mom’s store and got 2 balls of yarn and started knitting! So far I’ve made two dishcloths and one tribble. Each cloth probably took about an hour and half to make and the tribble was quite a bit faster to knit, but I didn’t really keep track. I still have enough yarn to make probably 2 more dishcloths or 3-5 more tribbles! And they are what my mom calls “mindless knitting” projects, so they are easy to do while watching movies! (But I’m still not a “knitter” :)

Also, if you’ve been wondering… I’ve been using the baking soda/vinegar wash for the past week for my experiment. I haven’t noticed a huge difference between regular shampoo and this except my hair seems less frizzy before styling. And it isn’t a huge inconvenience to do everyday either! I’m excited to see if I notice any other results after I’ve been doing this for a few weeks!

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  1. October 14, 2008 11:17 pm

    Ok, you can say you are not a knitter all you want. I will just smile.

    I love them. Are you going to try the ballband dishcloth? Those may be a little bit addictive but maybe I just think so because I’m not really a knitter either.

  2. October 16, 2008 4:26 pm

    You are mistaken. Tribbles are small fury creatures on Star Trek. :) They purr when you pet them. And they multiply when they get around food. :)

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