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you may not know…

  1. I married to my best friend, Chase.
  2. I love Jesus.
  3. I’m a care giver for my little brother, Tyler. It’s great fun.
  4. I’ve always wanted to go to Australia, I don’t know why.
  5. I was homeschooled.
  6. I love playing classic video games like frogger and tetris.
  7. I hate sports but I love watching Mariner’s games. Even when they lose.
  8. When I was a little girl I was really mad at my parents for not naming me Thomasina. It was my favorite movie.  Now I’m glad that the didn’t.:)
  9. i love writing and reading things in lowercase.
  11. I lived in the same bedroom for 19 years. From the time I was old enough to sleep in my own room until I moved out in April last year.
  12. I love cleaning, but I hate that I HAVE to clean.
  13. I love watching Gilmore Girls.  They make me laugh.
  14. I used to only like Pepsi, now I only like Pepsi if it’s refridgerated and in a can or if it’s from tap.

  15. All other times I’ll have Coke, and now when I buy pop it’s usually Coke.
  16. I hate ice.
  17. One time I read in a book that the safest way to drink pop is in a can with a straw. Ever since then I rarely drink anything without a straw.
  18. I love whole milk. But I’ve never had the “real” whole milk.
  19. Summer is my favorite season.
  20. I would wear a dress every day if I had enough.
  21. I get night mares from movies with a lot of violence. (I think Man on Fire started them)
  22. I love to drive. It’s really relaxing for some reason.
  23. Baking is so much fun, but I feel like I never make anything that turns out.
  24. Chocolate milk can make me happy on any day.
  25. Strawberry milk is even better.
  26. I can’t wait to have kids.
  27. I think it would be a fun adventure to have twins.
  28. Pink has always been my favorite color.
  29. I love bright color combinations, like all of my fiestaware dishes.
  30. I wish I learned to sew when I was younger, I’d probably be in fashion/apparel school by now if I did.
  31. If I ever decided to become a designer, I’d name my link Jane, possibly Jane N***** (my last name) or even possibly Simple Jane. I’ve put a lot of thought into it. :)
  32. I think sunsets and sunrises are just too cool.
  33. I used to wear a headband everyday. (when I was a little girl)
  34. From the time I was 11 or so, Shine MK has been my favorite band. You should check them out!
  35. I’ve been a huge fan of Superchick since I first heard of them, I even have their first EP laying around somewhere.
  36. I never listen to the radio.
  37. My wedding dress wasn’t really white.
  38. I think I’d be a good wedding planner.
  39. I’d love to go back and study English again.
  40. I hate rain.
  41. I love the snow.
  42. I don’t know if I ever go a day without having some form of chocolate.
  43. I really enjoy baking/making desserts with chocolate.
  44. I love shoes!
  45. I’d love to decorate my house in all retro things.
  46. I love sleeping on freshly cleaned sheets in a very tucked in bed but am usually too lazy to make it happen.
  47. I think that I would love living in a city like Seattle or New York… probably any city actually.
  48. I’ve never been to New York… someday!
  49. I love singing in the car, but I usually only do if I’m alone.
  50. I’ve been working on this list for like 3 weeks now.
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